The TCS School of Improv and Acting

at Studio Gokko

Improv for everyone, from beginners to experienced actors, in English, Japanese and Spanish!

Ever want to give improv a try? Then come to Studio Gokko, our very own studio right here in the heart of Tokyo! We’ve been teaching improv in English and Japanese in Tokyo since 1994 for all levels, from beginners to experienced performers. And we now also offer classes in Spanish as well! Students usually head over to Hoff, a restaurant just a few meters away, for a drink or a bite afterwards.

What should you expect?

We’ll ease you into improv in a fun and natural way. Every Monday and Wednesday night Beginners and Intermediate Improvisors are shown the basics of agreement, story-telling, character work, how funny the truth can be and how to create and have fun like a kid again. You’ll do exercises in pairs and small groups in the first hour and then volunteers get up and practice scenes and games in front of the class with side coaching from the instructor during performance time. And when you’re ready, we have our relaxed Student Showcase at Our Space, our black box studio! Find out more and sign up in our Meetups:

I’d like to improvise with Japanese people!

Then come to English Improv for Everyone on Wednesday nights! We get a lot of people who feel they just can't keep up with the high-speed English in our regular workshops for native-level speakers, so we're making a workshop anyone can participate in, regardless of English ability. Native speakers come for the experience of improvising with locals, and everyone has a great time.…/


大丈夫です!Tokyo Comedy Store ディレクターのChris Wellsによる、英語でのインプロワークショップを開催します!】英語でインプロにチャレンジしたい人、英会話を学びたい人、興味のある人・・どんな人でも参加可能なワークショップです!

What’ll improv do for me?

Improv will release your innate creativity, make you a better listener and conversational partner, identify your subconscious fears and negativity, and grant you the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound! (All but one of those are true.) You can also chill with classmates at nearby restaurants afterwards, and make friends from all over the world. It’s a great way to make new friends and learn new skills at the same time.

Hey, I’m an advanced improvisor or really experienced actor!

If you have experience as a trained actor or improvisor, our Thursday night Advanced Scenic Improv Workshops take deep dives into long-form improv and improvised genre plays. We use formats that enable actors to utilize both their wit and their acting skills, and they can then participate in student showcases at Studio Gokko, our black box studio. So if you are a trained actor or improvisor, fill out our application form here:

¡Quiero hacer impro en español!

¡Esta bien! Chris Wells, director del programa de Improvisación del Tokyo Comedy Store, estará impartiendo clases en español. No es necesario tener experiencia, ni un perfecto dominio del idioma español, si puedes comunicarte y tienes ganas de vivir esta nueva experiencia, es suficiente. Ven y aprenderás a contar historias, a salir a escena sin guión y cómo montar espectáculos de Improvisación y todo como jugando. Horario: 19:30-21:30 (los viernes), Precio: 2,000 yenes.


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